Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Make Kindness Go Viral

The clever and creative children from Rm 18 have  been learning all about kindness and ways to show kindness to our friends and teachers. We hope you enjoy our movie and Make Kindness Go Viral- Kindness, Pass it on!


  1. hi i love your movie it is amazing i was excited to see your movie

  2. Hi room 18 i liked your movie so so much that it mad me laugh.From leonardy sua in room 7

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  4. hi room 18 i love your guys movie and i like the song that you picked and i hope that you guys make kindness go viral around the school

    from lorenzo in room 7

  5. Thank you for showing us your kind movie. We liked your ideas about how to be kind. We thought it was really nice how Maddie gave Salem money for the bus. We thought Victoria made a good mum.
    Well done Room 18! From Room 25.

  6. Hi RM 18, I love your movie about make kindness go viral and passing it on to others, it was awesome by the way and the note the you guys passed down to others what a great way to spread kindess room 18. And well done Victoria for being mum you would make a fine mum in the futer, from big sister Leilani.

    Leilani from room 1

  7. Hi room 18
    I am Brooklyn and I am from Panmure Bridge School. Your movie was great I enjoyed every moment of it.I liked the song you chose for this video. Keep it up

  8. well done room 18 you made me happy and go kindness go viral. i like your movie because you made every one. thank you for showing us your lovely movie i hope you have a good day.

    from Arthur Marsters.
    love you room 18.

  9. HI rm 18,
    I really Really loved your movie 100%.
    Amazing movie keep up the good work


  10. My name is Kevin. This is very cool how you gave the money back at the end. Keep up the good work!

  11. Hi Room 18
    Fantastic movie. Thank you for helping us to remember to be kind to one another.
    From Sr 'Evalesi and Room 2 at St Patrick's School.

  12. Hi Room 18. Kindness is the best thing in the world. room 15 loved your movie. Well done kids.

  13. Kia Ora room 18 I really liked your movie it was amazing. My favorite part of the movie was when the old lady gave money to the little kid left his money somewhere and the part were the kids help other kids and gave them a card the said make kindness go viral and then they did a handshake that was really cool. Keep up the great work room 18.

    Kind Regards.

  14. Hi room 18 i really liked your movie about make kindness go viral it was really cool my favorite part about your movie was when the little boy left his money and was thinking what he could do but then a lovely lady came to the little boy and had offered him some money and he had taken it and said thank you for this money and the lovely lady said no worry's you can pay me back so keep it up room 18 can't wait to see more video's olf you Bye.

    From Ayla

  15. i like it because of my friend is in it.

  16. Kia ora Room 18, High Five to you for helping to make kindness go viral. It made my heart soar to see all the acts of kindness in your movie.
    Thank you,
    Mrs Grant

  17. Hi Room 18,
    We loved your movie about Kindness. We think that it's important to be kind because if you're not kind no one wants to be your friend.

    From Miss Lavakula and LH1 @ Ormiston Primary School